Impress your guests and clients with a neat, well-maintained space with ACC Commercial Cleaning serving London Ontario, Toronto and St. Thomas area. Our experienced cleaning team works hard to keep a schedule around your busy lifestyle. We offer everything from routine nightly services to one-time customers, regardless of the project you can always count on ACC Commercial Cleaning to provide a spotless job!

Commercial Cleaning

No matter how many employees you have, ACC Commercial Cleaning can assist you with developing a plan to address your daily, weekly, or monthly janitorial needs.

Don’t invite guests in a dirty office space or lobby; first impressions are everything. That being said, let us help you welcome guests into a bright and clean space with spotless surfaces and windows. You’ll always make an amazing first impression that lasts, building your company’s brand and reputation. Our daily hardwood floor, tile, and carpet maintenance will make sure all your high traffic areas are clear and pristine for all guests and employees.

A healthy, growing business always starts with their employee’s health and happiness in mind. Most of an office’s day to day work takes place at an employee’s workstation or conference room, keeping these stations sanitary is critical to a healthy office. From dusting to waste removal, ACC Commercial Cleaning will keep your office looking and feeling brand new. Your employees will notice a change in the atmosphere over night, with our experience, detail, and care going into every cabinet, chair, and desk. Our staff is trained to clean all your office supplies correctly from desktops and keyboards to industrial printers, which will keep you and your team happy and efficient all day long.

No matter how many employees you have, regardless of the project, you can always count on ACC Commercial Cleaning to provide a spotless job!