A construction site is a place of calculation, creativity, and process, but it’s also a place that leaves behind a lot of awful dust and debris. At A Capital Canada Cleaning, we are post-construction clean up experts. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to the careful removal, disposal, and sanitization of leftover post-construction messes.

We specialize in:

  • Insulation discarding
  • Stray materials removal
  • Sawdust clean up
  • Indoor polishing and wipe downs
  • Industrial strength vacuuming and floor waxing

Whether you want the space cleaned for your client, or you want leftover materials gone – we have the tools and the manpower to get things done.

Where We Work

You might be renovating an apartment kitchen, or building a community recreation centre – whatever your project, we have the experience required to ensure your newly-built masterpiece is seen in high regard.

We have serviced a number of client projects and our post-construction clean up expertise is diverse. Our clean ups have extended to:

  • Condo developments
  • Small and large-scale landscaping
  • Shopping centres
  • Indoor restaurant, business, and home renovations
  • Exterior restaurant, business, and home building or add-ons

At A Capital Canada Cleaning, we are always careful and 100% committed to ensuring a seamless, spotless clean up.

Why choose us?

We are experts at being mindful, timely, and efficient and we respect that you have an important job to do. You want your project to look flawless and immaculate, and you want your space to feel brand new. With over 25 years in post-construction clean up, you can trust us to tidy up right.

We’ll do things right the first time, because our job is to make your job easier.

Contact us

As professionals in the field of post-construction clean up, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our services. Call us now for a free quote and see for yourself how we can make your construction site shine.