A Capital Canada Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services provides warehouse and Factory cleaning services. Every factory is different, and must be clean to give workers and employers a healthy working environment. Clients feel more comfortable when they visit a clean facility than if the factory is in a mess. A lot of activities take place in a facility, and it must be cleaned regularly. We offer the following cleaning services.

  • Carpet vacuum and washing
  • Office cleaning
  • Phone and keyboard sterilizing
  • Door frame, window and surface cleaning
  • Waste paper bin collection
  • General dusting and polishing of the factory and equipment.
  • Commercial end of tenancy cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and polishing and others

Our cleaners are highly experienced and use the latest cleaning tools and materials that are eco-friendly. They are professional in their services and are responsible. The cleaners are reliable and trustworthy and are motivated to provide high-quality services for their clients. Our staff is trained and frequently update their cleaning skills to improve the quality of service they deliver. Business owners do not need to worry about thing getting damaged in the course of the cleaning as the cleaners are insured and the cleaning company will pay for any damaged property.

There are various cleaning packages that one can subscribe. Cleaning can be conducted as frequently as is required and the cleaning is done at affordable prices. If a cleaner is not feeling well, the cleaning company sends a replacement to carry out the cleaning ensuring the schedule is not affected. The client conducts an inspection to ensure they are satisfied with the services provided by A Capital Canada Commercial Cleaning.

A Capital Canada Commercial Cleaning services is the solution to all of your cleaning needs. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and the factory will be left looking clean and tidy.