It is no secret that visits to the shopping mall are no longer for traditional shopping, but more about a day out with friends and family. Many shopping malls today have eateries and entertainment venues; turning the shopping experience into a complete leisure activity. It is therefore important to keep the hygiene of these shopping centers at optimum on 24/7.

At A Capital Canada Cleaning & Janitorial Services, we have been providing cleaning and maintenance services to shopping malls in London Ontario and Toronto. We make sure that all our clients facilities stay spotless around the clock, creating an appealing and lively shopping experience. We have many years of experience in the cleaning industry that enables us to develop the best strategies to fit all our client’s cleaning needs.

Cleaning Personalization

At A Capital Canada Cleaning & Janitorial Services, we understand that cleaning needs for different facilities vary from one to the other. Therefore, we have designed ways by which we can customize our cleaning and janitorial services to fit a specific mall. All you need to do is talk to our staff and explain to them you mall’s cleaning needs, and they will develop a plan for you that fits your facilities operations.

Highly trained and insured staff

Our team of cleaning personnel is highly trained and experienced in delivering the best possible cleaning services to all clients. The workers are also insured so that any medical bills they incur from injuries acquired while working on your property will not be your liability.

High grade cleaning materials and equipment

Cleaning large facilities such as malls not only requires professional cleaners, but also the use of quality cleaning materials. We have modern cleaning equipment that makes any large-scale cleaning fast and efficient. We also use cleaning products that are friendly to your facility as well as to the environment in general.

Contact us today and share in our experience with exceptional mall cleaning services.