Clean floors speak volumes about the care and consideration that has been taken to ensure a habitable environment is captured. A Capital Canada Commercial Cleaning Services is focused on ensuring that floor cleaning is achieved seamlessly and with the touch of quality that will leave the surface clean and safe. Our service charter ranges from routine cleaning processes to on-demand cleaning and floor care service. We have the equipment and technical expertise that allows us to be advanced in terms of working with all types of surfaces. Our professional and industry approved approach ensures that we are able to thoroughly clean the floors and give them a perfect outlook.

With high traffic floors, we are able to clean and effectively erase all traces of spots and stains that may have damaged the style and design of the floor. As a floor cleaning company that has years of experience in the industry, we target a long lasting gloss that will ensure the floor remains presentable over time which is proof of our quality and commitment in the cleaning process. We always aim at ensuring our clients save the time and hassle that they would have gone through in trying to clean the floors and get rid of any stains and spots. Through our research and extensive understanding of the floor cleaning process, we are always able to effectively point out the processes and equipment needed to complete the cleaning task seamlessly and within the minimal time period to ensure activities within the premises return to vibrancy.

We offer stripping, waxing and buffing services to all variations of surfaces be it in residential or commercial establishments which ensures we cover a wide client base and ensure floors are kept clean and with a quality gloss. We are the industry leaders when it comes to effective and result oriented floor cleaning which is cemented by our attention to detail and constant upgrading of the cleaning procedures.